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Lone Star Behavioral Health

Since 2011, Lone Star Behavioral Health has been helping those in need of mental health services through our outpatient and inpatient psychiatric programs. Located in the Northern Houston region, Lone Star Behavioral Health is there for you or a loved one in need of quality care. Taking the first steps towards improving your mental well-being can be exhausting and overwhelming, but our staff at will be here for you every step of the way. Our specialized programs are designed to provide the highest quality of care, tailored to support individuals like you in their journey towards healing. We approach every client with empathy, compassion, and a commitment to providing non-judgmental care.

What we do and what we offer:

Outpatient treatment

Located in Tomball, Texas on 168-acres of property, our outpatient facility offers both IOP and PHP programs to help meet the treatment needs of those who are stepping down from inpatient hospitalization or just needing extra support. 

Equine Therapy

Our Equine Assisted Therapy program is offered at both our inpatient and outpatient facilities in Cypress and Tomball, Texas. You will have the opportunity to interact with one of our therapy horses and attempt connection. Weather permitting.

Inpatient Treatment

Located in Cypress, Texas, our 24-bed facility offers treatment needs for a variety of presenting problems. Whether that be psychosis, substance withdrawl or medication adjustments, we have you covered.

Treatment Planning

Individualized treatment planning from our presiding psychiatrist for personalized care.

Medication Management

All medication management is supervised by our pharmacist as well as our psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitions.


Our trained and licensed therapists are here to provide you group, individual, and family therapy as needed.

Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy conducted by our trained Equine Therapists. Weather permitting.

Discharge Planning

We begin discharge planning at intake, making sure our client’s have continuity of care upon discharge.

Dedicated Staff

Our team includes psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and psych techs that are dedicated to your needs and treatment.

Lone Star Behavioral Health

The Relationship That Heals

At Lone Star Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves in not only providing quality treatment, but also on our ability to create meaningful relationships with all of our patients. We understand the relationships we build can be one of the most important factors in the process of recovery.  Lone Star Behavioral Health is a small, family owned company that is surrounded by passionate staff that are dedicated to building and fostering those relationships. Because we are a smaller facility, we have the opportunity for more individualized care and treatment. You are not just a number at Lone Star Behavioral Health, but a human looking to better their life and to continue the process to heal and grow.

How it Works

We’ll walk you through the entire process


Get in touch

Reach out to either our inpatient or outpatient locations to verify availability and insurance. Please visit our admissions tab to learn more about our admissions process.


Goal & Expectation Setting

Once accepted, you will be introduced to your treatment team, comprised of licensed therapists, psychiatric nurses and nurse practitioners all of whom will be a part of your treatment and journey with Lone Star Behavioral Health. You will work together with your team to create individualized goals and expectations. 


Attend Sessions

During your treatment, you will engage in individual and group therapy sessions with our licensed therapists. Groups will go over a myriad of topics and skills to help you in your growth and recovery.


Heal & Grow

After treatment, you will move forward, utilizing the skills and lessons you have learned, growing into an improved, confident version of you!



“Thank you to the great staff for helping me. It’s not everyday that you run into people giving and wanting to help you reach your goals. May God bless each and every one who helped me through a difficult time in my life. [I] will never forget this place ”.

– Antionette V.

“I spent 8 days at Lone Star Behavior Health as a patient and had a wonderful experience. The staff did an amazing job. The leadership team genuinely operates the facility from the standpoint of helping people and that is such a rare thing to find in society today… If you are looking for a place that is truly in the business of helping people, then I highly recommend this facility".

– Andrew D.

“I have been enrolled in Lone Star Behavioral Health for the past 7 months, and I can say it is one of the best outpatient programs that is available. I would highly recommend Lone Star Behavioral Health to anyone who is seeking help in an outpatient setting".

– Devin F.