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At Lone Star Behavioral Health

Our dedicated staff at our inpatient facility is here 24/7 to take your call,  answer any admissions questions you may have, and to conduct a free needs assessment to make sure Lone Star Behavioral Health is the right fit for you. Below you will find common questions and general information about Lone Star Behavioral Health’s admissions process.
If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 218-516-6200.
If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Inpatient Treatment
16303 Grant Rd.
Cypress, TX 77429

Outpatient Treatment
30903 Quinn Rd.
Tomball, TX 77375

In Network Insurances

Lone Star Behavioral Health accepts most commercial insurances and in state Medicaid. The list above is not a comprehensive list of accepted insurances.
We are currently looking into expanding our network. Please call 281-516-6200 to verify plan, benefits, and out-of-pocket costs.

What To Expect When You Arrive:

Once arrive at our inpatient facility, you wil be greeted by our front office staff. Here they will collect your information and conduct an initial assessment to make sure we are the right fit for you. You will meet with a member of our nursing staff who will take your picture, go over information, and complete your intake assesment. Any questions you will have will be answered to ensure your comfort and safety.
One of our staff members will give you a tour of our facility and inventory any personal items you may have. The day after your arrival, you will meet with your therapist, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and other members of your treatment team to help you on your path to recovery. 



What if I don't have insurance?

Please give us a call at 281-516-6200 to see if we can work with you and your financial situation.

do you accept walk-ins?

We prefer for you to call us at 281-516-6200 to verify insurance benefits and bed availability.

I'm worried about a family member/friend, can I bring them in?

You may accompany your family or friend to intake, however, the patient must be voluntary and willing to be admitted.

If they are unwilling to be admitted, and you feel as though they are a harm to themselves or others, please contact your county court house on how to proceed on obtaining an Emergency Detention Warrant (EDW). This information varies county to county.

How long will my stay be?

Each patient we see is different and needs and treatment may vary. The length of each person’s stay is contingent on the severity of illness and presenting symptoms; as well as discharge coordination and safety concerns. A patient’s length of stay is discussed with the treatment team and attending psychiatric nurse practitioners. 
An average length of stay is 7 – 10 days in our inpatient facility; however, the stay may be longer or shorter depending on the treatment plan.

What do I need to Bring With me?

If you are coming to our inpatient facility, we ask for you to bring your identification card if able. 
You may bring three changes of clothing, and any medication you are currently taking. Please see our inpatient FAQ for a comprehensive list of what to bring. Please leave all valuables at home.

If you are coming to our outpatient facility, please see our outpatient FAQ. 

Will I be discharged with medication?

If our patients complete their treatment and do not leave AMA (Against Medical Advice), they are typically given a 30 day prescription of the current medications they received during their inpatient treatment.

What is the discharge process?

For our inpatient facility, the patient will be notified of their discharge date and will work with our treatment team to coordinate follow-up appointments for continuation of care. Once the patient leaves the Lone Star campus, they are no longer in our care as they are not in treatment with the facility, however, each patient leaves with these follow-up appointments and are encouraged to reach out back to us if there are any issues with their follow-up appointments after discharge. Discharge services plans include, but is not limited to: follow-up appointments with aftercare providers, safety plan, relapse prevention information, and support group information.

Can I check myself out at any time?

For our outpatient program, you may discontinue services at anytime.

However, for our inpatient program, discharge is contingent on different factors. Before we discharge any patient (voluntary or involuntary) we must consider if the patient is a risk to themselves or to others. Depending on the nature of the hospitalization, even if you are voluntary, we may discourage discharge prematurely. If you still wish to discharge and you are voluntary, you will still have to meet with our psychiatrist to assess one last time to offically approve the discharge in good faith. If our psychiatrist approves discharge, you will sign an AMA (Against Medical Advice) form and will be discharged without a medication prescription or discharge services. We try our best to make sure you are set up to succeed and do the best we can to ensure you continue with the treatment you need.