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HIPAA Notice

At Lone Star Behavioral Health

Patient Protection

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) – Lone Star Behavioral Health’s officers, employees and contractors are each responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all patient and employee’s protected health information (PHI). PHI is defined as individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained in any form or medium, including electronic health information. To ensure the security of PHI, LSBH takes responsible measures including, but not limited to, the following:

  • encryption of devices 
  • use of password protection 
  • limitations on accessibility to information 
  • guidelines for maintaining paper documents and storing electronic devices in home office and during travel 
  • restrictions on placement of unauthorized software on LSBH devices 

Any unauthorized exposure of PHI, which reasonably compromises the security or privacy of the PHI, is a potential breach that must be appropriately addressed.  If you become aware of a breach or potential breach of any protected or sensitive information, it is necessary that the situation be immediately reported to LSBH management so that all federal and state notification requirements may be carried out by the Compliance Department.  If the disclosure of the PHI results in a breach of information, LSBH investigates and complies with all State and Federal Regulations.  Failure to do so may subject the hospital to fines and penalties in accordance with the rules and requirements of HIPPA.  

Community Protection

  • Document Management – LSBH’s Document Management Policy applies to all company documents and establishes procedures for retaining, preserving and disposing of such materials in both paper and electronic forms.  This policy provides guidelines that will help with regulatory compliance, pending legal activity, and efficiency of daily operations. 
  • Proprietary Information – Confidential information about LSBH’s business is a valuable asset and is intended for use only within LSBH.  All information concerning LSBH’s finances, operations, products, policies, customers, development plans, computer programs and related information should be treated as propriety and confidential.  This information should not be released to anyone outside of LSBH such as competitors, suppliers, outside contractors, or business associates. 
  • Property, Equipment and Supplies – We should use LSBH resources for authorized business purposes only.  LSBH’s assets, property, facilities, equipment, and supplies should be protected against loss, theft, damage, and misuse. 

Employee Protection

Personnel Files – LSBH employees and personnel files are also confidentialOnly individuals authorized according to LSBH policy, state, and federal law will have access to employee records. 

      Contractors & Vendors

      Any independent contractor, subcontractor, or vendor conducting business on behalf of LSBH must adhere to all applicable laws and regulationsEntitles are encouraged to have their own compliance programs and are also expected to comply with the standards of Lone Star Behavioral Health’s Code of ConductContractors providing care on LSBH’s behalf must show proof of licensure, certification or other evidence of provider competencyContractors providing care on LSBH’s behalf must also show evidence that he/she does not posses a criminal conviction record that prohibits the contractor from working within LSBH facilities under state and federal laws and/or LSBH’s criminal background screening policy.