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Lone Star Behavioral Health

Inpatient Treatment Center

Located at 16303 Grant Rd. Cypress, Tx 77429

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Healing begins with Safety

In order to begin the process of recovery, you need to feel safe; safe from triggers, safe from others and, at times, safe from yourself.

At our small, 22-bed inpatient facility, our biggest goal is to help you find stability and utilize resources to prepare for the road to recovery. We do this by paying special attention to our clients. This is done through our incredible team of psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and psychiatric technicians who are trained to identify needs and establish goals for recovery.


What will my experience look like at Lone Star Behavioral Health Inpatient? 

We have designed our program to help you through crisis. We want you to find security, stability and a plan for recovery by the time you walk out. 

Step 1 | Check-in

Your experience begins at our check-in station. 

Once you arrive, our receptionist will welcome you and guide you through the check-in process. This involves an in-depth needs assessment and answering any questions you might have.

For information on what to bring, check our frequently asked questions below. 

Please call ahead so we can prepare to assist you. (281) 516-6200


Step 2 | Get Settled In

A place to rest, a place to re-center and get on track.

After check-in, we will get some fresh blankets and show you to your room where you will have access to a restroom and a clean place to store your belongings. 


Step 3 | Meet Your Specialists

Time to make a plan for recovery.

Our team of professionals will meet with you for extensive medical and psychiatric evaluations to help determine your needs. This will be followed by a specific treatment plan for your recovery. 


Step 4 | Recover, Heal, Grow

Throughout your stay, you will be supported by our team. Your days will include medication monitoring by the psychiatrist and nursing staff, group therapy (including seasonal equine assisted psychotherapy), individual therapy, meals and recreational activities.

Our staff begins your discharge planning the day you get here because your long-term recovery depends upon consistent aftercare. When you discharge, we offer you options for outpatient counseling and social services.

Your struggle is not easy, but healing is possible, especially as we take it step-by-step, together. Before you know it you will have climbed a mountain toward recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lone Star Inpatient Patient Belonging Guidelines (What to bring?)


Any items of value should be sent home with your family. If they are not sent home, we request you place them in our hospital secured lockers. If you decide to keep any valuable items on your person or on the unit, the hospital will not be responsible if they are lost or stolen.


Medications brought from home will be reviewed by the nursing staff, documented and then sent home with your family. 


(Limit 3 sets of clothing)

  • Please bring comfortable, casual clothing.
  • You should be dressed before leaving your room in the morning.
  • No belts or clothing with strings or laces.
  • No see-through jerseys, halter-tops or strapless tops allowed.
  • Tank tops must have at least a 2-inch wide strap.
  • All shorts or skirts must be knee length or longer.
  • Blouses and shirts must be buttoned.
  • Shoes or socks must be worn on and off the unit
  • Swimsuits may not be worn on the unit
  • Clothes are to be kept neat and clean
  • Proper undergarments are to be worn
  • Blouses and shirts must be buttoned up
  • No exchange of clothing with other patients
  • Clothes depicting drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity, or sex are not allowed

Staff may use their discretion in determining appropriateness of any clothing.  Patients will be asked to change when attire is considered inappropriate.

We provide washers, dryers and wash detergent.


  1. Lone Star will provide the following personal hygiene items: toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo and hairbrush/comb. You may also bring these items from home if you wish       
  2. You may bring personal cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeliner, etc. as long as they are not in glass containers and do not contain mirrors. Limit 5 items.
  3. All personal hygiene items brought to the hospital must be 4 ounces or less, in unopened plastic containers with manufacturer’s label, and contain NO glass, metal or alcohol. You may keep these items in your room.
  4. You may not keep any electrical items with cords or batteries in your room, unless you get prior administrative approval (i.e. CPAP machines).


  • No jewelry is allowed. No exceptions. Please do not bring any jewelry with you.


  • Glasses – may be worn
  • Hearing aid(s) – may be worn
  • Contact Lens – may be worn. Solution must be kept in the nurses’ station.


  • No electronic devices are allowed. This includes laptop, cell phone, charger, Kindle, iPod, iPad, etc…


  • Please do not bring purses, wallets, keys, etc. to the hospital. If you do, we will lock them in a secure place and you may access them only upon discharge.


  • We will provide all your medications here at Lone Star. Please bring a list of medications you are currently taking, but don’t bring the medications themselves. This includes vitamins, supplements and natural products.


  • All patients are under the care of the Lone Star dietitian. No outside food or drink may be brought in.


  • Book, Bible and journal are allowed. Please do not bring pens or pencils.


  • These items are provided by Lone Star. Please do not bring from home.


  • Patients may bring their own cigarettes to the hospital. Lone Star will provide a limited number of generic brand cigarettes. Lone Star cannot purchase cigarettes on behalf of patients. Visitors may bring cigarettes for patients, but they cannot bring them for any person other than the patient they are visiting. Lone Star will provide lighters for the cigarettes. Patients are not allowed to keep lighters.