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Lone Star Behavioral Health

Outpatient Treatment Center

Located at 30903 Quinn Rd. Tomball, Tx 77375

(281) 351-6644

Outpatient Treatment Center

Located at 30903 Quinn Rd. Tomball, Tx 77375

(281) 351-6644

Healing one step at a time, together.

A fight well fought is by all means courageous, but to do it alone is a heartbreak.” – Adam G. Cammack

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 20% of U.S. adults struggle with some form of mental illness. In the Texas Mental Health Condition and Substance Use Disorder Parity Strategic Plan, the Texas government reports that over 61% of Texans struggling with mental health issues are not receiving the care they need & deserve.

At Lone Star’s outpatient psychiatric care center, our goal is to ensure you receive the care you need & deserve. 

We accomplish this through various therapies designed to foster relationships and develop coping skills for recovery.

Call today to find help. 

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What Will My Experience Look Like At Lone Star’s Outpatient Facility?

Our 168-acre outpatient care center in Tomball, Texas reveals a beautiful setting of mixed forest and pasture. We named it the Cadwalder Campus, in honor of Drs. Roger and Kathy Cadwalder who greatly influenced our beginning. You will attend therapy in one of four facilities spread throughout the campus.

Step 1 | Admission

Your experience begins at Cadwalder Campus’s White House.

Here, we will review and ensure we have all the necessary information.

If you have any questions about what to bring with you, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Please be sure to call ahead so we can prepare to assist you.  (281) 351-6644

Step 2 | Intake

Time to make a plan

Our team of professionals will meet with you for extensive medical and psychiatric evaluations to help determine your needs. This will be followed by a specific treatment plan for your recovery. 



Step 3 | Find your group

In this step we implement your recovery plan. 

This involves various therapies offered five days per week 8:30am to 2:30pm and then on Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

The treatment team will assign groups suited to your needs and according to your plan. You will see a psychiatric practitioner twice per week, with general medical care offered as needed. 

Step 4 | Recover, Heal and Grow

Here we execute your plan. We work closely with you individually and in group to monitor your growth and apply the skills you are learning.

Our goal for you is that you find healing at our facility and that you take it home with you for the rest of your life.

Your struggle is not easy, but healing is possible, especially as we take it step-by-step, together. Before you know it you will have climbed a mountain toward recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lone Star provide evening therapy sessions?

No, we do not provide evening services. All therapy in Lone Star Behavioral Health’s outpatient facility is done between 8:30am and 2:30pm.

Does Lone Star treat patients with dementia or alzheimer's disease?

In most cases, Lone Star is not able to treat patients with dimentia or severe alzheimers as these diseases limit the effectiveness of the treatment we provide.

What should I make sure to bring with me on my first visit to Lone Star's outpatient care center?

Some information and paperwork which would be useful includes:

  • Hospital discharge paperwork.
  • Medication List
  • Treatment History

Please Note: This information may be patient specific. As such, we encourage you to call in advance to determine what to bring. 

What insurances does Lone Star accept?

We are constantly working to expand the insurance providers we partner with to ensure you can receive medical care. 

As of December 2021, Lone Star does accept traditional medicare.

For any other insurance provider, please call (281) 351-6644.